Sunday, April 30, 2006

Early burn-out predicted

I think I’m addicted

I come straight home, exhausted, planning to fall right into bed
And end up staying up late--again--to publish two new posts, instead

(Last week alone,
I e-mailed home
three posts from work
(And “wrote” part of this post on Shabbos, in my head)

I must be nuts!
(What else is new?)

I’ve come to writing rather late in life, it’s true
But that’s the case with much of what I do
At 56, I got the first job that I truly love
(My skills fit its requirements like a glove)
And choreographed my first folk dances, too
(Not to mention dances number one, and three and four
I’m kind of stuck now—don’t know whether there will be any more
But it certainly was a kick while it lasted, that’s for sure!)

The problem is that I’d rather blog than go to bed
What lack of sleep is doing to my health,
I dread
to think
It really does stink
that I cannot do all-nighters anymore

Not to mention
That I’m not getting any work done at home
The number of checks I have to write today could fill a tome

I must get off this blog and get to work
I have responsibilities that I can't shirk

But first, to sleep, perchance to dream
Of all the work I've put off--
please, no meme! :)



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